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Accidental Protection Plans

Whether it’s a new leather sofa or the bedroom of your dreams, your protection plan will allow you to relax and enjoy your new furniture without worry. We’ve got you covered for five full years. We all know accidents happen.

When you purchase the protection plan you're covered for a myriad of common household disasters but you are also covered if you DON'T use the plan. Simply bring back your paperwork after the protection period and receive a FULL refund for the price of your plan in the form of a gift card to be used at our store.


What is Covered

  • Stains from all household food and beverages. eg. Coffee, tea, red wine, chocolate, and ice cream

  • Accidental punctures, tears and rips

  • Stains from crayon, ballpoint pen ink and lipstick

  • Color transfer eg. newsprint, blue jeans

  • Springs

  • North American-made mechanism parts and labour

  • Breakage or warpage of frame


What is Not Covered

Abuse or misuse of the product

  • Natural characteristics that cause appearance variations

  • Damages or costs from cleaning repairs done by agents not authorized by Johnson’s

  • Stains caused by body or hair oil, perspiration, bodily fluids, dyes, corrosive materials, gum, paint, bleach, marker, perfume, nail polish & remover

  • Stains from non-approved cleaners